Buy Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders: Presents for Snow Lovers

By Fran Hardy

Published December 2008

Looking for a gift for your favourite skier or snowboarder? SnowSphere introduces the perfect presents for winter sports fans.

ImageWaterproof Cameras

Any waterproof digital camera is a blessing (and complete freak out nightmare saver) when we have those badgering moments on the hill and snow forces its way down our pants and into the pocket we stuffed our camera in. The Olympus Stylus 1030 SW digital camera is waterproof, drop proof and thus perfect for extreme sports enthusiasts. They take pretty nice pictures too. Your friend will love you forever!

Available: Buy Waterproof Cameras on Amazon
Price: From £29.99

ImageBobble Hats
Another staple ingredient for snowboarder-cool – whether you’re buying for guys or girls. For when the helmet comes off, these snug tea-cosies for the head must come on. The brighter and baggier the better. Why not crochet your own, and show your love in a more creative and economically agreeable way?! Crocheting is super easy and gives you something to do when chilling in front of pre-Christmas telly.

Available: Coal Beanies, from
Price: From £15

ImageFace Cream/Lip Balm
 Face cream and lip balm - with SPF, are essential ‘beauty’ products for the skin and lips of your outdoor loving buddies who are exposed to sub-zero temperatures, biting winds and powerful sun rays for sustained lengths of time. For those of you who have forgotten, or not thought to smother on either of these before, you will know how sore and damaged your skin can get. So help keep your friends’ skin soft and protected this season – men included!

Available: All good high-street chemists or buy Lip Balm on Amazon
Price: £2-£5

ImageHip Flasks
For that much needed hair of the dog, or just for a wee bit o fun - having a tipple on the hill can be a much enjoyed superfluous enhancement. For the most warming of interiors pour in a couple of shots of Grand Marnier or Black Bush Whiskey.

Available: Buy Hip Flasks on Amazon
Price: from £6


As a serious - or humorous stocking filler (depending on how dope the recipient is) these will make your friends look seriously bad-ass (or seriously try-hard), whether hung from their belt loops, worn as a face protector or more obviously, worn pirate style on their heads. Either way, they will thank you if they come to suffer from a runny nose.

Available: For a range of patterns, all fair-trade visit:
Price: From £4 each