snow centreThe Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead celebrates the new season with great discounts and several interesting attractions

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Russian Helicopter 

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SnowSphere gets some more Soviet stylin' with this Russian Helicopter design. Russia, which will host the 2014 Winter Olympics, is a snow lover's paradise, with huge mountain ranges and plenty of white stuff.

The Russian Chopper design celebrates the aircraft which many heli-skiers and snowboarders take to reach the more remote mountain tops and volcanoes.

The large Cyrillic lettering reads "Russia" and the small faux-cyrillic on the chopper reads "SnowSphere".

This design is available in a variety of colours on both tees and hoodies.


Russian Bear T-shirt SnowSphere is pleased to announce the release of the new Russian Bear design, that is available now from the SnowSphere Shop.

Following on from the SnowSphere snowboard Japan t-shirts and hoodies - we've done some soviet styling, using the bear, a symbol of Russia, combined with Cyrillic lettering to produce this brand new tee. 

The text reads "SNOWSPHERE" in faux Cyrillic, and "RUSSIA" in true Russian Cyrillic.

Russia is a country with massive snow potential, which is highlighted by the fact that they will be the hosts of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

This shirt is ideal for lovers of: bears, Russia, SnowSphere or just sleek design.

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ChinaBurtion Mellow ParkBeijing, CHINA (May 12, 2008) - In one of the most exciting strategic moves in the Chinese snowboard market to date, Burton has signed as the title sponsor of The Burton Qiaobo Mellow Park, a brand new indoor year-round terrain facility...

ImageKeen readers of SnowSphere Magazine may know that we also write for a plethora of other winter sports publications, spreading our knowledge of the world's most remote ski resorts to the rest of the snow sports fraternity...


ImageSnowSphere's recent article "Thugged Out and Fluoro: Snowboarding fashion gone mad" has caused quite a stir across the UK's online snowboarding communities. An opinionated and controversial article like this is designed to get people talking - and talk they did...
ImageImageRussia, Austria and South Korea will battle it out on Wednesday 4th July 2007 for a chance to host the prestigious 2014 Winter Olympics. The current thinking is that Pyeongchang in S. Korea is the favourite, followed by Sochi, Russia, and in last place Salzburg, Austria.
ImageImageThe investment and construction boom that is currently taking place in the largely unreported, relatively peaceful northern part of Iraq has led to a proposal for the country's first modern ski resort...
ImageIt's been a strange season with unusual conditions for Europe, and the season's final issue of Snowboard UK magazine is out - the annual photo edition. Inside get ready to gorge yourself on some of the best snowboarding shots of the year from around the world, and of course - read SnowSphere's final "A Line Less Ordinary" column of the season - this month looking at the snowboarding opportunities of Israel - the country that brought you the Uzi sub machine gun...
ImageThe director of the Icelandic Snowboard Association has launched an attack on American publications Snowboarder Magazine and Transworld Snowboarding in response to the ongoing appearance of US Army advertisements on their websites and in their magazines. The criticism was delivered in an open letter and questions the morality of promoting the "US war machine" in a snowboarding magazine...
ImageImageWe've just heard the sad news that the Nikita Iceland Park Project 2007 has been cancelled. The IPP's organisers have announced that due to some "unresolved issues" the camp will not be running at all this year...
ImageImageWe recently stumbled across a new website that we thought was well worthy of a mention. SnowBrOADER is a snowboarding blog dedicated to covering the European snowboarding scene; competitions, products, interviews with the latest European snowboarding stars, events and festival coverage - if it's snowboard related and it's happening on the turf of our fine European continent, then the chances are SnowBrOADER will be featuring it...
ImageTo be honest, we were pretty reluctant to jump on the MySpace train at first. To us, it seemed that MySpace was just a place for teenagers to post extremely dull drivel in irritating txt speek al da tym...

Those of you who have the eyes of a hawk, will have noticed that we have recently added a "Most Read Articles" section into the left sidebar of the SnowSphere site. We'll be keeping this updated as various articles rise through the ranks of popularity vying for the number one position at top of the SnowSphere charts. Read on to see our Top 10 most popular articles...


ImageIt's April already and winter is over, but there's still snow in the mountains of the north, and as for the southern hemisphere, the season is still to come. This means that the penultimate issue of Snowboard UK magazine is out, featuring an article about snowboarding in China, a board bag and back pack buyers' guide, and of course SnowSphere's monthly column "A Line Less Ordinary" - this month looking at snowboarding in Slovakia.
ImageSnowbombing is back with what promises to be the biggest and most eclectic music festival of the winter season...
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