PRODUCT: Biofreeze –Cryotherapy for Skiers & Snowboarders

By Sam Baldwin

ImageAn interesting new product recently turned up at SnowSphere Magazine HQ - but so far, we've thankfully not had to use it.  Biofreeze is a new pain relief gel that can be applied to those sore muscles after a vigorous day on the slopes. It's also good for arthritis, sore joints and backache.

Apparently it works by using "cryotherapy to rapidly cool the affected area and bring relief to minor aches and pains".

Now - even though the SnowSphere Magazine crew have pretty much completely escaped injury this season, we thought we'd try this out anyway. So we slapped a load of the blue Biofreeze gel onto our arms - and waited. The result: cool, very cool. Think Vick's Vapour Rub, crossed with Tiger Balm and a splash of Deep Heat.

I can't vouch for its effectiveness at relieving pain - but that isopropyl alcohol and herbal ilex paraguariensis extract sure does burn, burn, burn - producing that weird, cool yet hot sensation.
If anyone out there feels they have a need for some cryotherapy - send us a picture of your injury and we'll send the most deserving case a tube of Biofreeze.

For more information on Biofreeze and some tips on how to avoid and treat injuries on a snow sports holiday, visit