NEWS: SnowSphere Teams With Baka Inaka Clothing Company

The design slammed by officials
We are excited to announce that the new line of SnowSphere t-shirts and hoodies will be designed by the Baka Inaka Clothing Company.

Baka Inaka are best known for causing a ruckus in the Fukui area of Japan with their controversial design that depicted the prefecture (county) as a cloud of steam rising from the cooling tower of a nuclear reactor (there are several in the area).

A government official stated that the design was “extremely offensive” and “should not be worn inside the prefecture”, but the shirts were lapped up by the locals and had to be reprinted to meet the demand.

Sam Baldwin, who spent two years living in the rural rice paddies of Japan and is the founder of Baka Inaka, explains the idea behind the brand:

“Most people think of Japan as an ultra-modern-super-high-tech-cyber-neon-world, where toilets have built-in computers and everything is automated. Of course, this exists, but I was to experience a very different side to this fascinating country.

The idea behind Baka Inaka – which roughly translates as “crazy countryside” – is to showcase the quirky, rural nature of a Japan that few “outsiders” ever see. It’s a world where snakes roam the school corridors, bands of wild monkeys drink from clear blue lakes in the mountains, and foreign boys have been reported for holding hands with Japanese girls!”

At the moment the limited edition Baka Inaka designs are only available in Japan, but they will be coming to the UK in the new year and Baka Inaka will also be designing an exclusive line of SnowSphere shirts and hoodies.

Baka Inaka wa kakkoii desu yo!