NEWS: Lost in MySpace? Our Views on the Network Craze

Published April 2007 

ImageTo be honest, we were pretty reluctant to jump on the MySpace train at first. To us, it seemed that MySpace was just a place for teenagers to post extremely dull drivel in irritating txt speek al da tym...

Then we looked a little closer, and found that some of the biggest bands, snow sports brands and some of our favourite snow magazines all had MySpace pages: Burton, Snowboard UK, Whitelines, everybody was getting a piece of it - hell - even George Bush is on MySpace

So we thought, 'what the hell, it can't hurt', and sometime in late 2006, SnowSphere Magazine appeared on MySpace. However, we were still pretty sceptical about the whole MySpace concept; most of the time when someone added you to their friends list, it seemed all they were really interested in was being able to post a comment on your page with the BIGGEST signature graphic possible, just to advertise their own site or business.

There seemed to be a hell of a lot of "look at me! look at me!" going on, and we wondered whether anybody was actually ever looking at anybody else... But we stayed put, and then something unexpected happened.

Slowly but surely, old friends and blasts from the past started getting in touch. Random owners of snowboard shops in the United States started asking us where they could get hold of a copy of SnowSphere Magazine (err…have you tried the world wide web, I believe they stock it). Old friends who were now involved in the snow sports industry in some way, began to check in; photographers, distributors, writers and manufacturers - it seemed that this MySpace network thing might have some use after all.

Of course, it does seem to be largely full of teenagers trying to collect as many "friends" as possible and put as much of their personal information into the public domain as possible, (and people wonder why stalking is on the rise!), but we have to say that MySpace has sent a lot of interesting folk our way.

So, if you're part of the whole MySpace thing - come on down and join us at our SnowSphere MySpace Page. There's a prize for the biggest signature graphic advertising your own site or business you can post in our comments section.

The SnowSphere Magazine Team


Thnx 4 da ADD!