REVIEW: Snowboarding the World guide book

ImageReview: Snowboarding the World
By Matt Barr, Chris Moran, Ewan Wallace
Published by Footprint, 2006
RRP: £19.99

Review by Sam Baldwin

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Snowboarding the World is a beautifully produced guide book that will inspire its readers, as much as it will inform them.

The 384 page, full colour guide covers 100 of the world's top resorts across 19 countries, including some far flung destinations like Iran, Japan and Poland in addition to the better known areas in North America and Europe. The book also dips into the history of snowboard media, offers brief language guides and gives advice on doing a season.

Authored by three well known snowboard journalists who have laid lines on peaks that few others will ever lay eyes on, it's not only beautifully written and accurate, but illustrated with tantalising pictures that will have you packing your board bag and running for the hills.

In amongst the well laid out resort info, the "Lift Chat" and "Rider's Tales" sections give us a flavour of each location by featuring a short account of the authors' own experiences whilst on their travels. We also get a useful and entertaining "Locals do…Locals don't..." and an environmental rating for each resort.

The authors (Matt Barr, Chris Moran and Ewan Wallace), must be commended for producing such a superb book that has truly raised the bar of snowboarding travel literature. This high class publication will sit nicely on your coffee table, provide a valuable reference guide whilst travelling and enthral all who open it.

With a large format, clean layout and tantalising text and pictures, Snowboarding the World is highly recommended for any rider with a sense of adventure, thirst for travel and a love for lines less ordinary.

Buy Snowboarding the World from Amazon

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